If you are here might as well get to know me

I'll start by presenting myself

My name is Rui Garcia de Almeida a selftaught Portuguese Freelance Photographer who loves sports, MotoGP, travel, adventure, riding motorcycles, karting, and more…

I’m a man of many trades, I began this 15-year journey as a graphic designer but photography was always alive and kicking.

Always working on tight schedules and delivering everything on time.

2023 was my breakthrough year as a professional photographer, as I was able to work around the world with Sponsors, Teams and people from different sports and backgrounds, wich helped me grow as an individual and professional.

This way I was able to create and curate a diverse portfolio showcasing a range of styles and subjects.

What I bring to the table...

Fast Delivery, Spirit of adventure and Professionalism.

Curious? Need my help? Let's Talk

I'm available to work anywhere in the world and capture the moments you so deeply desire!